Sarah Balsley

 stories from life

Our practice years are over.  

By now we should have learned how to live.

Growing up, I secretly longed

to be the mother of a big family in a big old house,

  and while I was lucky to get a good education 

and have a fulfilling career

to me this was always the prize.  


One divorce, one remarriage, 

and five nearly-grown children later, 

what I have learned is this -

 making a family is an astonishing gift, 

full of moments so beautiful you dare not take a breath.  

But it is also exhausting, heartbreaking,

identity-crushing work, for decades on end.  

These stories are my efforts to search

for beauty and meaning 

in the ordinary struggles of daily life.

I hope they strike at something universal,

a longing we share.


I see you.  

I know how hard you are trying.

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